Huion HS610 Graphics Tablet with Glove - Ideal for Creative People

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The modern world of digital technologies has modified many creative activities, expanding the boundaries of the possible and giving masters the opportunity to create without limits. With the help of modern "easels" - graphic tablets, - a lot of people from creative professions, including designers, architects, artists and photographers, animators and illustrators, got incredible opportunities to transfer their creations directly to a computer, as well as conveniently manage the tools of graphic editors and other programs for professional use.

If you have reached the professional level when the need to optimize your workflow has become an urgent need, let's figure out how to choose a graphics tablet to fit your needs.

The main types of graphic tablets

In order to make the right choice, let's figure out what are the main types of graphic tablets, and how the principle of their work differs.

Today, graphic tablets are:

  • Electrostatic
  • Electromagnetic
  • Piezoelectric
  • Resonant.

Each of the above types of tablet operation has its own method of reading information from the pen (stylus) - for example, in electromagnetic models, the tablet grid receives electromagnetic waves coming from the pen, and in resonance ones, the grid acts as the source and receiver of the waves, while the pen - just reflects them. Today, the principle of electromagnetic resonance is the gold standard in the world of graphic tablets. The undoubted advantage of such models is the absence of the need for electric power supply of the pen, which will save your time and energy, because the stylus in such models cannot suddenly discharge, ruining your plans and driving away the muse that visited the creator.

How to choose a graphics tablet: what to look for when buying

Having dealt with the principles of operation of graphic tablets and determining the optimal one for ourselves, let's find out what else to look for when buying this gadget, so that it meets your expectations and makes the workflow as easy as possible.

The second most important parameter when choosing a tablet is the ability to connect the gadget to various devices - a computer, laptop, and even a smartphone and tablet. Having determined for yourself whether the ability to connect your digital “easel” to your smartphone is important to you, we move on.

Creative people, no doubt, understand the importance of the sensitivity of the instrument with which they create their masterpieces. By controlling the force of pressing the pen alone, artists are able to create real 3D masterpieces by drawing with an ordinary pencil! The number of levels of sensitivity to pressing a pen - will be our third exam when choosing a graphics tablet.

And finally, the last important parameter of this digital device is its working surface: its size, thickness and, of course, weight, on which the convenience of carrying the tablet with you depends. For comfortable work with the device, the size of the working surface of the tablet should correspond to the size of the monitor of the connected device, or be able to adapt to it. To date, there are the following formats for graphic tablets : A3, A4, A5 and A6. The first of them is used mainly by architects and engineers, while the other three are intended for representatives of other creative professions. The ideal format for beginners is the A6, a lightweight and compact device that does not take up much space in your bag. The most universal format, equally well suited for representatives of all professions, is A5.

Android-enabled Huion HS610 graphics tablet for every creative profession

Understanding the features of the work and the main criteria for choosing a graphic tablet, it will be easy for you to independently evaluate the advantages that the Huion HS61 Graphic Tablet has .

The new electronic assistant model has the best features that meet the world gold standard and the most stringent criteria for choosing a graphics tablet.

This device uses a resonant type of work, which saves the user from the need to charge the pen. The active surface of the Huion HS61 graphic tablet when connected to a computer is 254 x 158.8 mm , and when the device is connected to a smartphone or tablet , the active surface adjusts to the screen of this device and is 158.8 x 99.2 mm.

The sensitivity of the pen of the Huion HS61 graphic tablet is 8192 levels , which will allow you to realize any ideas!

Adding to the above a small weight of 600 grams, a stylish concise design, a resolution of 5080 LPI and a democratic price -we will get the perfect tool, greatly expanding the capabilities of creative people. As an added bonus, a special glove has been added to the tablet’s delivery kit, which prevents the user's hand from sticking to the work surface, so that the wizard’s hand will get tired much less.

Thus, today the Huion HS61 Graphic Tablet is the best option for people of most creative professions, having the best features, high quality and reasonable price.