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Which of the children does not dream to buy LEGO? More than 60 years have passed since the advent of this unique designer, but so far the hearts of boys and girls all over the world have been completely owned by this iconic toy. LEGO is a separate magical world, thought out to the smallest detail, but leaving unlimited possibilities for a child to realize any fantasies, create new, amazing objects and structures, and, ultimately, create his own, ideal game world.

Types of LEGO constructors

Despite the variety of the company's assortment, the LEGO designers obey a clear and understandable structure: all the designers are ordered by the age of the child and the subject of interest to him, and there are also a large number of sets with your favorite characters from cartoons and comics.

In total there are more than 60 variants of LEGO constructors, however we will consider the most popular types of LEGO constructors, ordered according to the manufacturer’s recommended age for the child.

LEGO Duplo - buy for a child aged 6 months to 5 years

If you want to buy LEGO for a young child who has not previously played with these constructors, you need LEGO Duplo . This bright, colorful constructor with large details, convenient for still awkward little fingers, is an interesting, educational and developing baby, a toy that is absolutely safe for children from the age of six months. In addition to the development of fine motor skills (the level of which, in the opinion of scientists, directly affects the development of speech centers and the general intelligence of a child), LEGO Duplo offers children under the age of 5 cognitive thematic sets. In LEGO Duplo you will find trains with number blocks, farms with different animals, a wide variety of cars, amusement parks and playgrounds, pizzerias and sets with dinosaurs, your favorite superheroes, as well as the Around the World set that will introduce the child to various continents, countries and living conditions of people and animals on them.

LEGO City - buy for a child and adults aged 5 to 16+ years

Perhaps the most popular type of LEGO for schoolchildren and even adults is LEGO City. The designers of this series have fairly small details, so before you buy LEGO in this series, you should make sure that the child understands how to handle small items correctly. Also, the child will need assembly skills for designers with large parts and advanced motor skills.

LEGO City reflects the daily life of a modern metropolis, in which there is a place not only for the ordinary life of citizens, but also for the construction of structures and the functioning of such urban services as the police, ambulance and fire department. Buying more and more LEGO City kits, your child will be able to build his ideal metropolis, reflecting all aspects of the life of a big city, even such amazing things as a spaceport, a research station and a racing track.

LEGO Technic - buy for vehicle lovers from the age of 6 years

The LEGO Technic series is intended for young engineers whose mind and heart belong to special equipment and vehicles. In the sets of this series, the child is waiting for construction equipment and racing cars, motorcycles and rescue helicopters, cranes and scooters - all that is so sweet to the heart of any boy.

LEGO Ninja go - buy for lovers of martial arts, oriental culture and fighting with dragons from the age of 6 years

Ninjago is a world invented by LEGO. In this world, ninja warriors hone their fighting skills in special temples, and also use it to protect themselves from enemies - evil human-like snakes. Brave warriors have to fight even with fantastic dragons, defending their temple and the jungle in which it is located. To understand the device of a fictional world, young LEGO lovers will be helped by special cards embedded in each set of LEGO Ninjago.

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The world of LEGO is multifaceted and exploring all its possibilities is not an easy, but very exciting task. LEGO Designer is always the perfect gift for children of any gender and age. Once having tried an exciting game with LEGO, children and adults will forever remain admirers of this toy, wanting to acquire more and more sets.

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