The latest Apple iPhone 11 can already be bought in Ukraine!

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The most famous smartphones of our time, Apple's iPhone is not just a technique, it's a real cult. Someone considers the purchase of such phones a waste of money, while others, having experienced the benefits of using premium segment technology, will never be ready for compromise options. But there is one thing that unites all buyers: you can treat the iPhone differently, but no one will remain indifferent to it.

The iPhone launched in 2007, and since then, the army of brand admirers, with bated breath, has been waiting for the release of each subsequent smartphone - because in the new model, buyers will always have more advanced functionality and new, incredible opportunities. At the end of 2019, Apple again delighted its customers with the launch of the Apple iPhone 11, which today is the subject of admiration for millions of people around the world. What opportunities does the last iPhone of 2020 offer us - the Apple iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 features, innovations and advantages of the model

Of course, one of the most important functions of a modern smartphone is the ability to take really high-quality photos. In this matter, iPhone has always been an industry leader. Apple's smartphones have become pioneers, bringing the quality of mobile photography to a high professional level. Now everyone, going on a trip or to a party with friends, can afford not to carry a heavy SLR camera with you - with your iPhone you will get pictures that are in no way inferior to photographs from a professional camera.

In the new model of Apple iPhone 11, the manufacturer again improved the capabilities of the camera, giving customers the opportunity to increase the area of the captured image by 4 times! The new ultra-wide-angle camera is able to accommodate the whole stunning view that opens up to the human eye - now everything fits into your frame!

IPhone 11 night mode

The quality of the photograph taken always depends on the quantity and quality of the light entering the frame. For this reason, night shooting is often of poor quality. Apple iPhone 11 overcame this obstacle too: turning on your iPhone 11 night mode, you get clear, rich shots, devoid of noise and grain.

Apple engineers were also pleased with the fans to shoot video. From now on, shooting video from your iPhone, you will get professional-quality shooting with a resolution of 4k and a frame rate of 60 fps. The effect of shooting reality and total immersion in the frame is complemented by an amazing function - when the image is approaching, the sound will also approach the video.

Apple iPhone 11 - Buy Quality and Reliability for Money

Since the Apple iPhone is a premium technology, their price is consistent with their high quality. According to statistics, every fourth smartphone user spends more than 7 hours daily, holding it in his hands. Unsurprisingly, phones often fall, bump, or get wet. Desiring to protect their unique creations and the investments of their customers, Apple has steadily improved device protection. In Apple iPhone 11 you will find a high level of smartphone protection. The iPhone 11 panels are hardened by the double ion exchange method, and the case itself can withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters. Now your gadget is not afraid of anything!

IPhone 11 - powerful processor and reliable protection of personal data

As for the convenience and speed of the iPhone 11, absolutely all indicators of the device have been improved in the new version of the smartphone. In particular, to ensure the usability of the gadget is designed to activate the lift function, and quickly unlock the device will help Face ID, which gives the opportunity to unlock the gadget with an accurate authentication owner faces that at times convenient to the standard Touch ID.

The power and speed of the iPhone 11 smartphone ensures the smooth operation of software and hardware, as well as the most powerful A13 Bionic processor .

LCD Liquid Retina and True Tone technology - will give you the opportunity to see the smallest details with high quality and accurate color reproduction.

The new Apple iPhone 11 gives you unlimited possibilities in one small, powerful device with an attractive, stylish design.