Bags and backpacks Kite 2020 - meet the new fashion collection!

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If you have not heard about the famous Kite bags and backpacks , then you have never had a truly comfortable and stylish backpack! Appearing in 2007, the brand began its rapid rise in the TOP sales of the market for school, teenage and adult urban backpacks, firmly consolidating its position there and gaining thousands of fans in different countries of the world. Kite backpacks were tested for durability and ergonomics at the German Institute of Health and Ergonomics, receiving European standard certificates for high quality products, as well as a special honorary title “Ergonomic Product”. To buy a Kite backpack means to acquire an ultra-stylish and fashionable accessory created taking into account the age-related anatomical features of a person who will take care of your comfort, health and beautiful posture.

Backpacks Kite 2020

In 2020, the Kite brand traditionally pleased us with a new vibrant collection of bags and backpacks. As usual, the company introduced new products in the following categories:

  • Kite education
  • Kite education teens
  • Kite fashion
  • Kite kids
  • Kite city,

thus reaching audiences of all ages - from schoolchildren to adults.

Kite kids school backpacks

A good tradition for the brand has been close cooperation with popular brands: Hot Wheels, My little Pony, Paw Patrol, Hello Kitty, Transformers, Shimmer & Shine, Hasbro, The Walt Disney Company and others. Thanks to this, your child can pick up a backpack, as well as Kite’s office, made in the same style, with the image of his favorite heroes or athletes who will inspire him to learn, develop, dream and achieve his goals. In addition to the bright attractive design, the Kite backpack will support your baby’s posture in the correct position, which will help to avoid scoliosis, a common problem among schoolchildren.

Kite education backpack and Kite education teens

Backpacks from the collections of Kite education and Kite education teens are designed for primary and secondary school students, respectively. They can be frame, semi-frame or soft - depending on your preferences, and also have an orthopedic back and straps of the correct form, which allow you to evenly distribute the weight of school supplies, maximally protecting the wearer's back and posture. Inside your child’s backpack is a competent, carefully thought-out space of large and small compartments, organizers and pockets, which allows you to conveniently organize all the necessary items.

Kite city backpack

Not so long ago, urban backpacks regained their former popularity. Modern people value comfort most of all, therefore more and more often on the streets you can find women and men using a backpack instead of traditional bags or purses. The backpack allows you to easily carry the necessary things, leaving your hands free. If you prefer comfort in everyday life, the stylish, light and comfortable urban backpacks of Kite city will captivate you with the convenience and an abundance of modern bright designs. Well, for the most fashionable girls and guys, the brand has created a separate line of backpacks - Kite fashion. In the presented line you will find fashionable models of small backpacks made of textiles and eco-leather that perfectly complement any stylish look.

In the range of backpacks from the brand Kite - everyone will find a convenient and stylish accessory to their liking. Well, you can always buy Kite bags and backpacks in Ukraine at the best prices - you can always at!