Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh - a portable charger that will make your life even more comfortable!

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The invention of portable chargers, or simply a power bank, made a real sensation among buyers who actively use a variety of gadgets. In our age of digital technology, people live surrounded by a huge number of smart electronic assistants. For better or worse, we gradually became related to electronic devices, and they became an integral part of our lives.

Normally, the average modern person has a smartphone, navigator, tablet, laptop, smart watch and many other gadgets. It takes a considerable amount of time to charge each of them on time. In addition, if you actively use several gadgets, it is easy to forget to charge one or two of them. In such cases, a paver bank will become a real salvation, because the fast pace of life of modern people does not allow it to be “confined” to a stationary outlet for several hours.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh specifications and important parameters

The requirements made by customers for portable chargers are simple and logical. The main important parameter of a bank’s power is the capacity of its batteries, because the number of gadgets that it manages to charge before it discharges itself depends on it. The second important point when choosing a power bank is the speed with which it is able to charge another device. Also, undoubtedly, the quality of the assembly and parts of the device are important, especially the batteries used in the device. Well, the last important factor is the reasonable price of the device. Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh ideally meets all of the above requirements , which allows it to invariably stay in the TOP sales of equipment stores. With it, you can no longer be afraid to remain without the necessary gadget at the most inopportune moment.

The capacity of a fully charged Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh battery allows you to charge an average smartphone 3 or even 4 times - depending on the battery capacity of a discharged device. The charging speed of the device from Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh - is no different from that with a conventional electric outlet, with the exception of one indisputable advantage - Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh is equipped with a voltage regulator designed to improve battery life and efficiency. Among other advantages, Xiaomi Xiaomi power bank has a very convenient ability to simultaneously charge two devices . And thanks to the charge indicators at the power bank, you will always know when your “bank” itself will need recharging.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh price

As always, the famous Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has a weighty argument in favor of buying a Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh portable charger - the price of the device. Made from an aluminum case, equipped with high-quality batteries from Samsung or LG, having a decent capacity, Xiaomi Xiaomi power bank costs more than budget - just a few dollars. Thus, absolutely everyone can afford to buy Xiaomi power bank.

As the experience and reviews about Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh show , the attractive design and reliability of the device will delight its owners not only for 12 months guaranteed by the manufacturer, but also much longer. Well, buy a portable charger Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10400mAh and other mobile batteries at a bargain price - you can always on the site of the ubay.com.ua trading platform!