How to find a good seller

To provide you with the best online shopping service, we do our best
so that only the best and trusted sellers serve Ubay buyers.

By what criteria can a buyer choose a good, reliable seller?

1. When concluding a transaction, the first thing a buyer should pay attention to is
This is the seller’s rating, the number of transactions completed and reviews on transactions. This
information allows with a high degree of probability to judge the quality of goods, quality
service, integrity and seriousness of the seller.

2. For serious sellers, as a rule, lots are accompanied by high-quality,
clear and most importantly, copyright images, without extraneous logos and
retouched areas.
Sometimes unscrupulous sellers, instead of taking copyright photos,
take ready-made beautiful images on the Internet and attach them to the description of their
goods. To check the originality of the photo there is a special Google service, where
You copy the seller’s photo link and paste it into a special field. This service
will show all links where this photo was still found, because each image has
own hidden code. You can ask the seller to take additional photos
goods, and compare with previously posted photos, if they are not identical, differ in
quality and location of shooting, this is an occasion to doubt the integrity of the seller. Although it is not
the only criterion, but quite informative.

3. A serious reason to think about the honesty of the seller, if he asks to do
prepayment for goods on anything except a credit card. After all, such payments
tracking is harder.
Use common sense. If any sentence causes
doubt, namely, it seems too implausible and promising, more likely
of all, these fears are justified.

4. When buying goods, we recommend that you personally meet with the seller so that
check the availability and quality of the goods, and transfer the money. If territorially
the seller is in another city, in order to secure the transaction, use
cash on delivery.

5. It is advisable not to make any prepayments. If the seller’s rating
indicates its reliability, and you decide to make an advance payment, responsibility for
unwanted consequences are borne by the buyer.

6. Inform the Site Administration of any fraud attempts,
suspicious messages, announcements, and other activities
users. Thus, you help make our service better and safer.