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Technology and electronics not only make our life comfortable, but also fill it with bright colors. Home cinemas and smartphones, household appliances and computers - without this it is very difficult to imagine the comfortable life of a modern person. When buying equipment and electronics, the most important thing is not to miscalculate the price and quality of the purchased goods. If you need to buy appliances and electronics wholesale and retail in Ukraine - inexpensively, from the best manufacturers and in a wide range - welcome to the site of the trading platform!

To buy household appliances in Ukraine cheap

Household appliances have long ceased to be a luxury, becoming a reliable assistant to any modern housewife. On the pages of our trading platform you can buy household appliances in Ukraine inexpensively, as well as other useful appliances, electronics and accessories. In particular, we have presented:

    • TV and video equipment

    • Audio equipment and accessories

    • Appliances

    • Spare parts for technology and electronics

    • Computer hardware and software

    • Phones & Accessories

    • Photo, camcorders and accessories,

at the best price.

Internet-shop of computer equipment Ukraine

Computers, along with smartphones, have become our indispensable companions. For better or worse, the main part of the life of modern people depends entirely on the computer. We work and study for him, have fun and communicate, find out the news and watch our favorite films. Computers and accessories become outdated quickly enough, and in order to keep up with the times, we often look for an online store of computer equipment in Ukraine, where you can buy the necessary equipment and software at a bargain price. On the trading platform , you can easily find what you are looking for! Here you can not only update your computer equipment, but also purchase a wide range of various useful equipment - buy audio equipment in Ukraine, mobile phones and accessories, video equipment and much more.

Buy mobile phones and accessories wholesale Ukraine

How much personal information does your smartphone contain? Social networks and email, Internet banking, photos and a whole list of other important additions. A device in which there is so much that is important to you must certainly be reliable and modern. To do this, you should timely update the model of your smartphone. If you need to buy mobile phones and accessories wholesale and retail at the most attractive price - you can do it on our website!

To buy TVs in Ukraine cheaply

TVs are a real hit. Fashion and demand for them never fall, because this is a favorite means of entertainment for the whole family. Children are happy to spend time watching television, watching cartoons and children's programs, and the older generation, which is not able to figure out the principle of computers and smartphones, cannot imagine their lives without this device. If you are looking for where to buy TVs in Ukraine inexpensively - you have come to the right place. A large assortment of TVs from the most diverse, reliable manufacturers at a reasonable price - you will always find on our website.

Buy audio equipment in Ukraine

If you want to purchase high-quality equipment and electronics inexpensively - contact us! Our friendly friendly service will help you with the selection of the necessary product, answer all your questions, help you place your order and send the package by a reliable postal operator to any city in the country. Welcome and enjoy your shopping!

Павербанк PowerBank Xiaomi MI 20800 mAh СЕРЕБРО (50), image 1
Save 31%
299 грн. 206 грн.
Емкость батареи20800 Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветсеребристый
Watch Smart GT08 (100), image 1
Save 43%
405 грн. 229 грн.
МодельGT08 Цветзолотой
POWER BANK ЧЕРНЫЙ Mirror 50000 mAh (100), image 1
Save 29%
215 грн. 153 грн.
Емкость батареи50000 mAh Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветчерный
Гарнитура HBQ i12 TWS bluetooth SENSOR (100) [CLONE], image 1
Save 26%
349 грн. 259 грн.
МодельI12 - tws Тип подключенияБеспроводные Цветбелый
164 грн.
МатериалНержавеющая сталь Цветсалатовый
Watch Smart Y1S (100), image 1
Save 27%
499 грн. 364 грн.
для когоуниверсальный МодельY1S Цветчерный
Power bank 20000 mAh HOCO B23B, image 1
Save 15%
750 грн. 636 грн.
Емкость батареи20000 Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветчерный
473 грн.
для когодля мальчиков МодельQ80 Цветсиний
Selfie Ring Selfie Light (W-70) (200), image 1
Save 27%
135 грн. 99 грн.
Power Bank 40000 mAh with Land Rover solar, image 1
Save 54%
449 грн. 207 грн.
Емкость батареи40000 mAh Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветчерный
352 грн.
МодельGM 3061 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei Цветбелый
535 грн.
МодельJBL EXTREME BIG Тип колонкиПортативная Цветчерный
Набор для стрижки Gemei GM 595 Hair Trimmer (60), image 1
Save 41%
399 грн. 235 грн.
МодельGM 595 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
100 грн.
Емкость батареи12000 Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветсеребристый
100 грн.
Емкость батареи12000 Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветчерный
Power bank 10400 mAh Smart Tech (100), image 1
Save 26%
201 грн. 149 грн.
Емкость батареи10400 Тип зарядного устройстваPower bank Цветсеребристый
99 грн.
МодельAPPLE EARPODS Тип подключенияПроводные Цветбелый
57 грн.
МодельFace Spot Cleaner Тип питанияБатарейки Цветсиний
Electronic Cigarette Vape Pen 22 (200), image 1
Save 34%
650 грн. 430 грн.
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