It is inexpensive to buy household appliances in Ukraine

The era of excessive domestic work, fortunately, has long been a thing of the past. A wide range of useful appliances, such as washing machines, washing vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and many other electronic assistants, is called upon to help a modern housewife. If you want to facilitate your home routine and household appliances to buy in Ukraine inexpensively - welcome to the trading platform!

To buy household appliances for the kitchen in Ukraine

Kitchen work is the main burden for a housewife. It is in the kitchen that a modern woman spends most of her life. Fortunately, the availability of high-quality kitchen appliances can significantly alleviate this burden. Household appliances for the kitchen, which you can buy in Ukraine in a wide assortment and at the lowest prices on our website, will help you cook almost without your participation, saving time and effort for the most important thing - your beloved family. Here you will find and be able to buy:

Built-in hobs and ovens

  • Slow cookers

  • Cookers and hoods

  • microwaves

  • Freezers

  • Dishwashers

  • Meat mincers

  • Air grills

and many other household appliances - at the most attractive prices in Ukraine.

To buy the washing machine Ukraine cheaply

Any woman knows how much time a washing takes. Without the help of a washing machine - the load of daily washing for all members of the family would be truly overwhelming. A high-quality washing machine can help to cope with this work, you can also buy inexpensively in Ukraine on the trading platform. In the wide range of household appliances presented on our website, you will find washing machines of various types of work, energy consumption class, overall dimensions and a wide variety of additional functions, for example, you can buy a washing machine with dryer.

To buy a vacuum cleaner inexpensively Ukraine

People who have pets at home perfectly understand the indispensability of such a device as a vacuum cleaner. It is impossible to do without a vacuum cleaner and people suffering from allergies, as well as those who just love cleanliness. After trying to clean with a regular broom for some time, and then vacuuming the room, you can easily make sure that the broom is not the best cleaning tool. Despite the fact that household appliances for cleaning are much more expensive than a broom, most people can afford to buy a vacuum cleaner inexpensively in Ukraine thanks to !

To buy a crock-pot in Ukraine compare prices

A household appliance that is popular and has become indispensable for any housewife is, of course, a multicooker. You can not be afraid that the cooked dish will burn or boil - the slow cooker will take on the entire cooking process. You will get the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, tasty and hot dish, with a minimum of effort. Buy a slow cooker in Ukraine, compare prices and characteristics of household appliances, choosing the best option for yourself - you can easily and comfortably using!

Buying household appliances from us - you save your money by getting quality goods at a bargain price!

164 грн.
МатериалНержавеющая сталь Цветсалатовый
352 грн.
МодельGM 3061 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei Цветбелый
Набор для стрижки Gemei GM 595 Hair Trimmer (60), image 1
Save 41%
399 грн. 235 грн.
МодельGM 595 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
57 грн.
МодельFace Spot Cleaner Тип питанияБатарейки Цветсиний
153 грн.
МодельDT-0418 Мощность 1500W Цветсеребристый
259 грн.
МодельLFQ-KM-605 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаKemei
218 грн.
МодельGM 789 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
76 грн.
МодельHigh Power Vacuum Cleaner Мощность 130W Цветбелый
327 грн.
МодельV-020 USB Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаVGR
175 грн.
МодельGM 589 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei Цветсиний
164 грн.
МодельMZ-5930 Мощность 5000W Торговая маркаMozer Цветбордовый
134 грн.
МодельSolo trimmer Тип питанияАккумулятор
Овощерезка BASKET VEGETABLE CUTTER № K12-101 (36), image 1
Save 14%
173 грн. 149 грн.
МатериалНержавеющая сталь Цветбелый
134 грн.
МатериалНержавеющая сталь Цветкрасный
89 грн.
МатериалНержавеющая сталь Цветсалатовый
1,147 грн.
МодельGT-606 Мощность 230W Цветсерый
218 грн.
МодельGM 6069 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
116 грн.
МодельGM 216 Торговая маркаGemei Цветрозовый
348 грн.
МодельGM 580 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
110 грн.
МодельHQ 204 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаRozia
170 грн.
МодельGM 717 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаGemei
164 грн.
МодельGM 1997 ТипУтюжок Торговая маркаGemei Цветкрасный
454 грн.
МодельHT 907 Тип питанияАккумулятор Торговая маркаRozia Цветчерный
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