Ad Policies

Rules for posting ads on the site

1. The title of the announcement should contain information about the proposed
product / service. To make the name more understandable, include the type of product and its
key characteristics (model, configuration, size, etc.).
2. The title should not contain information about the price of the product / service, for this there is
appropriate fields to fill out.
3. Do not use in the name of the lot and its description words intended
exclusively for SEO, for example: sell, buy, cheap, sale and so on
similar, as well as the names of regions, lists of categories or keywords.
4. Do not fill out the name of the lot and the description text in all CAPITAL
letters, and do not use repeated exclamation points and question marks,
dots, and other characters. Such text worsens the visual perception of the lot, besides
flashy headlines are considered bad manners.
5. Do not use contact information such as number in the name of the lot.
phone, address, as well as the characteristics or description of the product / service. For this there is
appropriate fields to fill out.
6. The description of the lot should be clear and logical. Not recommend
use automatic translation without proofreading, transliteration to describe the goods.
7. Do not duplicate ads posted previously on the Site.
8. The information contained in the announcement should not contradict the rules of the Site.


It is forbidden to place ads:

1. the content of which violates
generally accepted norms
morality or contains
offensive language

2. containing links to third-party
trading floors

3. suggesting any ways
fraud and extortion