Rules for the registration of goods

Rules for registering goods on the site

1. Images of lots must be copyrighted and reflect the essence of the product or service,
be high-quality, clear, detailed, it is desirable to photograph the lot in
several angles.

2. The image should not have logos that are not related to the lot or your

3. Keep track of the relevance and availability of the product items you have submitted.

4. In case of placing a lot with the status "on order", you must specify the current
number of days before receiving it.

5. Indicate the actual price that corresponds to the real value of the goods in
time of purchase. Thanks to this, you can avoid complaints from

6. It is forbidden to indicate knowingly incorrect prices in order to draw attention to
the ad, both too high and incredibly low.

7. The price must be indicated in national currency - hryvnia (UAH).