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In recent years, an increasing number of people seeking to earn extra income through the Internet. In addition to a number of remote professions, which require special education and extensive experience, there is an easier way to make money on the Internet. A method that does not require professional knowledge or any skills. Referral programs in Ukraine , and simply put, mutually beneficial cooperation with online stores and trading floors - can become your new source of additional income with minimal effort and time on your part.

Referral Programs Ukraine

What are affiliate programs of Ukrainian online stores? This is a special system that can be used by both ordinary users - private individuals, shoppers, and other online stores. Program participants receive benefits in the form of bonuses for which you can make purchases in the partner online store, as well as real financial resources.

How to make money on affiliate programs

The ubay.com.ua trading platform invites you to take advantage of the advantageous offers that our affiliate program in Ukraine can offer.

Referral programs in Ukraine have three levels of partnership.

Level 1: Lite Partner. The partner shares a link to ubay.com.ua with his friends and acquaintances, places a link on his page in social networks, etc. When someone clicks on this link, the Partner receives bonus points that can be spent on the purchase of goods presented on our website.

Level 2: Partner Pro. You can not just get bonuses, but earn real money in the online store. The partner also places a link or banner leading to ubay.com.ua on his website. When other users follow this link, the Partner receives a commission. The commission is charged for clicking on the link, for sales, for viewing the banner, etc. The type and size of the commission is configured in the admin panel of the online store.

Level 3: Multilevel Partner. Partners can bring more and more new partners to the trading platform. For example, the first Partner may lead five more, and each of these five will lead several more partners. So you can attract more partners who are interested in promoting our trading platform, and earn even more money in the online store.

How are affiliate programs of Ukrainian online stores

The administrator of our trading platform creates ubay.com.ua advertising banners. Partners place these banners or links on their sites, on social networks, etc. A commission can be set for each event: viewing banners, clicking on links, registering new users who clicked on the link, making a purchase by the user clicking on the link. Partners can view their statistics and income in the buyer's account at ubay.com.ua.

How to become a partner and how to make money on affiliate programs

To become a partner, during registration, you must specify the type of account "Partner" . If the user is already registered, he can change the type of account on the profile edit page. All information can be viewed in the menu "My Account" - "Partner". Here the Partner can see the ubay.com.ua advertising banners and get a code for placing the banner on his site. Also here you can see the history of actions and bonuses received by the Partner.

How to make money in the online store for ordinary customers

Ordinary buyers can also become partners. To do this, they need to register in the same way by selecting the “Partner” account type. After that, you will also be able to receive bonus points for clicking on the link made by other people and registering new users.

Referral ProgramsS is a modern, simple and convenient way to earn money in the online store. Let's prosper together! We will be glad to see you among our partners!