Terms of Use

Terms of Use for UBAY Merchants

Before registering "Become a seller", please read the terms
ubay.com.ua using the payment system for goods sold on
UBAY marketplace.

Sellers can receive payment for the goods in the following ways:

- cash on delivery (money is transferred through the postal system); *

- to a personal account or a card if you have a bank account and register in the online payment system. (like LiqPay, etc.); *

-in the absence of a personal payment system from the seller, upon purchase
the goods are credited to the ubay.com.ua account and, after confirmation by the banking system, cash
transferred to the bank account or card of the seller. *

* The amount from the sale of goods is transferred to the seller, taking into account the commission, according to the tariff plan and commission of the banking system.

Terms of use of the site Ubay.com.ua

These Terms of Use of the site Ubay.com.ua are the rules,
designed for users of the Ubay marketplace and at the same time are
licensing agreement between the owners of Ubay and the user.
Under the Agreement, the user of the site is any person, ever
who accessed the site Ubay.com.ua, or provided the company Ubay
information for posting on the site.
The agreement provides for the mutual rights and obligations of the user and
Ubay and Material Guidelines
site and privacy of personal data, as well as other issues on
use of the Ubay marketplace.
Access to the site Ubay.com.ua by the user involves
User acceptance of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the conditions
Agreement, the use of the site by the user should be terminated.

1. General rules for using the site Ubay.com.ua

User agrees:
Post your ads on Ubay in accordance with the rules
posting announcements.
Provide complete and accurate information about yourself if necessary
identity checks.
Do not transfer access to your account to third parties under any conditions without
coordination with the administration of Ubay.com.ua.
Do not use the site Ubay.com.ua to distribute false
information, spam, and mass mailing.
Do not automatically or manually collect and copy information,
published on Ubay.com.ua.
Do not violate the copyright and related rights of third parties to intellectual
property, namely texts, images, trademarks, trademarks,
registered in Ukraine and in accordance with international treaties.
Ubay.com.ua reserves the right to block unverified accounts,
as well as inactive for a long time accounts, or change for them
terms of service. Ubay may also suspend or reduce the volume
services for the user for any reason without providing an explanation with our
In case of violation of the rules for publishing information, it can be deleted
either changed. In case of removal of information that violates the rules of publication,
compensation of funds spent on the publication of this information is not
carried out.
The user agrees to comply with the rules for posting ads on the site
By publishing information on Ubay.com.ua, you give the Site full right to
using this information for analysis or republishing in affiliate
projects. Thus, the user transfers the right to non-exclusive to Ubay.com.ua
use of copyright and related rights belonging to him in relation to a specific
intellectual property.
Published information may be transferred in whole or in part to
other sites, domains, phone applications at the discretion of the Administration

When using the Site Ubay.com.ua it is prohibited:
- buying / selling accounts, transferring data to access the account third
- place ads on goods and services prohibited by the current
the legislation of Ukraine and regarded as illegal or requiring
special permission
- Post ads that promote violence,pornography, including
including pornographic images, calls for unlawful acts,
- evaluate failed transactions or use other fictitious methods
winding up the rating,
- publish or transmit information that violates the rights of another person,
information that is protected by copyright, trademark rights, or
any other property right,
- publish or transmit materials containing viruses or destructive
When purchasing goods on the website, or ordering services subject to certification or
licensing, Ubay recommends requiring the seller of the product / service presentation
appropriate certificate or license.
Responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the ads,
are solely the authors of these ads.
In case of violation by the User of the provisions of this Agreement and other
the rules applicable on the site, as well as the publication of incorrect contact information
or using the Site under a false name, or using another account, or
using any methods of fictitious rating winding, Ubay.com.ua
reserves the right to completely or partially block access to an account or
individual services, lower user ratings.

2. Limitation of liability

Website Ubay.com.ua does everything possible so that its use is for
Users are correct, safe and profitable. However, under no circumstances
Ubay.com.ua is not responsible in connection with any violations and losses,
related to:
- information published by the user;
- the use or inability to use the services of Ubay.com.ua;
- information contained on the site;
- technical problems in the site;
- actions or inaction of third parties using the site.
All product information is provided solely by the seller.
Ubay.com.ua does not guarantee the conformity of the goods to the declared description, its quality,
relevance of the price, availability, terms of dispatch. The site is not responsible for the results.
transactions between the buyer and seller.
Nevertheless, Ubay.com.ua is interested in the correctness and legality of transactions,
therefore, site moderators are ready to help users in solving possible
Conflict through recommendations.